The story

My partner was still mediating different co-parenting scenarios with his ex when we started meeting each other. I knew that if I wanted to step in, this relationship would involve more than just one person. Soon before we moved together one of my friends told me that she used to hate all of her stepmoms and stepdads, regardless what they were. That’s the way things are, aren’t they? Then next evening the little girl asked me and her dad if we could watch Cinderella together. We agreed and we watched not just one, but three versions of it. Right, I got the message.

She was scared and I was terrified. As probably all stepparents know, the beginning is a real minefield. But acting too securely could be possibly even worse. Luckily she didn’t hate neither me nor her mom’s partner for no reason and turned out to be so loving and mature.

b a

Then a brand new chapter opened. 11 months ago we found we were going to have our little tot together and 8 weeks ago he came to this world. One day my partner’s daughter asked me what would be the relation of her big half-sister to her new little half-brother to be. It took me a while to figure out that there is no biological link between them. I answered “we should draw our family tree”, and then I thought it would be extremely odd and complex. When it finally happens, it will look like none of those I prepared for school when I was her age.

So here is a blog on the process, motherhood, stepmotherhood and all the other things in between. As my little boy has already outgrown his first size outfit and I can hardly imagine how this little thing could possibly squeeze back in my belly, I hope that I can store some tricks and magic I learnt on the way.